Jeff Schottenstein

Jeff Schottenstein

Jeff Schottenstein is the founder and president of the Sara Schottenstein Foundation, which honors his late wife and her goal of finding a cure for gastric cancer. 

Jeff is also a Senior Managing Director with First Republic Bank in San Francisco, California. He has served on many nonprofit boards over the years, including as board president of First Graduate, whose mission is to help first-generation students graduate from college ready to pursue a career.

"Through the greatest of times and the worst of times, Sara and I laughed. It was the cornerstone of our marriage."

Driven by Sara’s inspirational life and spirit, and her dream of finding a cure for gastric cancer, Jeff is passionate about driving gastric cancer research forward as well as advocating for patients and families dealing with a cancer diagnosis. As part of Jeff’s mission to make a difference in the world of cancer research, he is a member of the Stanford Cancer Council, serves on the Presidential Visiting Committee for Gastrointestinal Oncology at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and is an active board member of the Gastric Cancer Foundation.

Jeff has spearheaded several gastric cancer research projects in Sara’s honor. In 2020, the Schottenstein family, along with other generous partners, provided a grant to help establish the first gastric cancer research team with Stand Up to Cancer focused on early interception. In 2017, Sara and Jeff’s concept of an innovative dual-drug immunotherapy clinical trial for gastric cancer patients at Stanford University was launched. Jeff received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor in 2018 for his efforts for cancer patients and their families.

Jeff Schottenstein with his family
Sara and Jeff shared 17 blessed years of marriage. The most important thing in Jeff’s life is raising and spending time with their three children. He and his children live in Tiburon, California, where Jeff enjoys mountain biking, singing in his dad band, and open water swimming.
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Our work is inspired by Sara Schottenstein, a wife, mother, and attorney who lived life with warmth and authenticity.

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