About the Foundation

The Sara Schottenstein Foundation is a science-focused organization dedicated to ending gastric cancer by championing dedicated researchers and supporting and advocating for patients and their loved ones. Inspired by Sara’s beautiful life as well as her extensive efforts to overcome gastric cancer, the Sara Schottenstein Foundation was founded in 2020 by Sara’s husband, Jeff Schottenstein.

Throughout her life, family and friends knew Sara for her loving kindness, sharp intellect, sense of humor, and total dedication to her children. In the face of her 2014 gastric cancer diagnosis, Sara revealed that she was also relentless and tenacious. Fueled by her love for her children, husband, and life, Sara asked, “How do I overcome this?”

Sara and Jeff committed themselves to researching innovative and experimental treatments and supporting the best science available to save Sara’s life. They soon discovered that many promising cancer treatments were not easily accessible to gastric patients. They also learned that gastric cancer is deeply underfunded and poorly understood, relative to many other cancers. They were determined to help change this.

With limited treatment options, the Schottensteins realized that philanthropy was essential to funding research. As an example and precursor to the Foundation, Sara and Jeff helped develop a new immunotherapy clinical trial for gastric patients with the Stanford University School of Medicine.

Sara found great peace and hope at the end of her life in knowing that future gastric cancer patients may have more effective options because of her and Jeff’s efforts. As we work to create a future without gastric cancer, we strive to reflect Sara’s love of family, joy in life, and commitment to helping others. We hope you will find inspiration and insights in Sara’s Story.

Please note that in 2024 the Sara Schottenstein Foundation transitioned from a non-operating private foundation to a donor advised fund.

Mission Statement

To end gastric cancer by championing dedicated researchers, and supporting and advocating for patients and their loved ones.


Our work is inspired by Sara Schottenstein, a wife, mother, and attorney who lived life with warmth and authenticity.

Gastric Cancer

Gastric cancer, also known as stomach cancer, is the third leading cause of cancer deaths, with over 1 million patients diagnosed per year worldwide.

Patient Resources

Building a strong support system is essential to navigating gastric cancer. Find your community.